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Plateau II - Traditional, Flex, 5 Day, Prep

Junior Kindergarten Curriculum-Building a Foundation for their future education.


We incorporate the new Alberta Government Early Learning Curriculum. Your child moves through the Art, Music and Play areas each session. Through our “cross curriculum” activities in Art and Music, pre-reading including letter recognition, phonics, numeracy and STEM are taught. We ensure that each child participates fully in every area in order to develop the necessary skills for kindergarten.

The Playroom is a vital part of our program. It is here that your child will acquire the necessary social skills, will develop confidence in making good decisions and have FUN!

Parents are welcome at any time to visit. There is no mandatory volunteering required.

Junior Kindergarten Flex

This 3 day program works for the Parent with a busy schedule. Build your own 3 days using any 2 of the Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes plus 1 Tuesday/Thursday class.

NEW! 2 Day Virtual Kindergarten Prep

This virtual class is ideal for those parents who want their child to experience The Think Sun Junior Kindergarten program but are unable to attend a regular class. This is a virtual class and will be limited to 24 students. All supplies for the year are included in the registration fee. Parents will pick up monthly supply box curbside begining of every month at Think Sun 7:30-10:30. There will be an option for delivery at an additional cost. T.B.D.

Junior Kindergarten II 5 Day J.K.

This program is five days a week covering the Junior Kindergarten Curriculum.

Plateau II-with an additional two sessions to explore early literacy, phonics, letter recognition,numeracy skills, science and music.