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Welcome to The Think Sun Preschool

The Think Sun Preschool Academy is a licensed private preschool offering an enriched and exciting program of instruction for your bright 3, 4, and 5-year-old. Proudly celebrating 32 years of our established, proven educational program.

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Our Philosophy at The Think Sun Preschool

The central focus of our school is your child. Every child will feel secure and validated. We ensure that your child graduates a confident and independent learner ready for kindergarten.

Offering art, music, play and intro-French, our program prepares each child to read and write through our enriched activities.

About Us

The Think Sun Preschool Teachers

Maureen Khallad has been a preschool teacher since 1989. She also has many years of musical training prior to teaching at Think Sun.

Over the years she developed her own musical education program for preschoolers which enables students to enjoy making music, listening to music, and best of all using the best instruments on earth - their voices.

Jane Hall has been a preschool art teacher since 1985 and she has taught with Maureen since 1989. Jane has completed many courses in art as well as early childhood development.

Jane believes strongly in preparing her students for success in Kindergarten.


The Think Sun Preschool was originally located in Haysboro. The original school was called The Helping Hand Early Childhood Education Center. Maureen was a graduate of this program in 1959.

Maureen took over the school in 1989 when Virginia Walter, the founder of this program retired. The Think Sun Preschool moved to Strathcona in 1995 where it continues to welcome and prepare preschoolers for kindergarten.

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Think Sun Preschool Teachers

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Art Projects


  • I made a good decision to start my kids off at Think Sun and in six years I can honestly say that I never had a negative or critical thought about the pre-school, its lovely assistants or you, it’s amazing teachers. Thank you so much for your contributions in the growth development, safety and happiness of my children. It has been a wonderful experience for all of us that will not be forgotten.

    Mrs. Pat Voncina ― Calgary

  • We were extremely pleased with the teachers and all the activities of this very fine pre-school. Mrs. Khallad and Mrs. Hall are extremely experienced and proficient at teaching three, four, and five year old children. The quality of the school curriculum is superb.

    Dr. Jayne Hague Blain, MD ― Calgary

  • Mrs. Khallad and Mrs. Hall are able to leverage their vast experience and expertise to create a positive orderly and consistent learning environment. They teach in a loving yet firm manner where appropriate behavior is valued and respect is taught.

    Mrs. Ashley Searle ― Calgary

  • Maureen Khallad and Jane Hall work magic with the children. They appreciate, encourage and accept the individual gifts each child brings. The children are not under any pressure to conform to rigid standards. They are allowed the freedom to be individuals and are all expected to behave in a responsible, safe and polite fashion. Maureen and Jane have an understanding of children’s learning styles and levels which translates into providing experiences which are at an appropriate level, well organized, safe, and thus enjoyable for the children.

    David and Megan Cornhill ― Calgary

  • We absolutely would not hesitate to recommend Think Sun to anyone. We have found both your facility and yourselves to be outstanding. We will be forever grateful for the impact that you have had on our daughter and our family.

    Dr. Kevin Philipow DDS ― Calgary

  • It is my pleasure to recommend The Think Sun Academy as a potential school for your child.The school is licensed, follows all governmental protocols and I believe that my child is safe while in the care of Mrs. Khallad and Mrs. Hall. They show every day that they have extraordinary talent and dedication to teaching young students. Read More

    Allyson Heggie ― Calgary


Are there volunteer opportunities?

Although we have no formal volunteer opportunities for parents, we offer an open door policy for parents to visit at any time. We welcome you to come and enjoy the session through your child’s eyes.

We do not count parent volunteers as staff in our pupil teacher ratio and therefore do not have a mandatory volunteer requirement. However, with government regulations for children under three years, there may be a requirement for parents of these younger children to volunteer on a rotating basis if the numbers exceed the regulated limit of six children per adult. This rarely occurs as we normally restrict the number of children under three years to only six per class.

Can I visit when my child is in class?

Yes, parents are welcome at any time to visit The Think Sun Preschool.

What about Snacks?

Snack time is an important mid-session break for the children and the teachers. Parents are to provide healthy snacks for their child. Please note that due to allergy concerns, no peanuts or nuts are permitted in the school.

Do you have field trips?

Due to increased liability risks and parental concerns regarding safety we do not offer any field trips. Our enriched preschool program ensures a high quality of activity and experience for the students within our school.

What happens if my child doesn't like school?

Some children take longer than others to transition into preschool. In our experience, most children begin to enjoy school by the end of September. If we have tried all our “tricks”, we’ll work closely with you to find the best solution for your child. Please refer to Withdrawal Notice for full details on withdrawal conditions.

When will I receive information about September start dates and times?

We’ll mail a full information package to all families during the last week of August.

Do you have an orientation for Parents?

Depending on our registration numbers, orientation usually occurs during the first morning/afternoon after Labour Day. This 20-minute overview introduces our school, our goals and what you can expect in the first few weeks. For students starting after September, we ask parents to stay for approximately 20-minutes during their child’s first morning/afternoon session.