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Plateau I First Level - 3 Year Olds

First Level

Our First Level prepares your child through our cross-curriculum activities for our Junior Kindergarten program. Your child will participate in the Art, Music and Play areas each session. We encourage your child to discover independent and group learning skills in preparation for Junior Kindergarten. Colours, numbers, days of the week, months of the year are studied each session in French and English. We work on fine and gross motor skills, balance and core skills as well as working on increasing their attention spans.

The playroom is a vital part of our program. It is here that your child will acquire the necessary social and independent judgment skills to develop confidence in making good decisions and most important of all…to have FUN! This is your child’s first experience in formal learning. It should ALWAYS be positive.

We welcome parents to visit at any time. There is no mandatory volunteering required.